How Metformin Works For Me

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Hypoglycemia or “low blood sugar” is a medical condition that occurs when your blood sugar levels is lower than 70 mg/dl. This commonly happens when; too much insulin is released in into the bloodstream, glucose is released too slowly into the bloodstream or if blood sugar is used up much faster. This condition is more common in people with diabetes as a result of complexity in treatment of diabetes mellitus. When managing diabetes, you need to be extra careful as in; feeding in good time, taking medicine in good time as well as frequent checking of your blood sugar levels. It is important to discover how metformin works for hypoglycemia.

How Metformin Works For Hypoglycemia

Metformin is one of the only two oral drugs for diabetes recognized by the World Health Organization. It is to be used alone and taken orally as it inhibits production of glucose. This drug also restricts the amount of sugar the body absorbs from your diet. In addition the body is made to respond well to its own insulin to avoid a reduction in blood sugar. This drug can work alone or together with other medications, however it has been observed that when used with other doses it is likely to cause a relapse. You are advised to always have some sort of sugar source to up your glucose levels every time you need it.

Finding out how metformin works for hypoglycemia is not enough to keep your condition under check, care needs to be taken to avoid causing serious health problems. When you exercise too much, miss meals, starve yourself or taking alcohol will increase the amount of insulin. This condition will be evident when you notice these symptoms; feeling weak, dizzy, irritable, drowsy, faster heart beat, fainting, seizure and sweating. If severe, it may cause brain damage, coma or even death. Metformin is good in weight reduction as well as reducing this condition if used alone. However, it has a common side effect on gastric system.